François Tessier

Phone: (+1) 630-252-5068
PGP : 0x8096B5FA
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ANL - LCF Division

I have been a postdoc at Argonne National Laboratory, IL, in the LCF division since February 2016. I received a Ph.D in Computer Science in 2015 from University of Bordeaux, France. My works have been focused on topology and affinity-aware application placement and load balancing. My advisors were Emmanuel Jeannot and Guillaume Mercier.

I am now working on data movement optimizations particularly for intensive I/O at large-scale through the different tiers of storage (disks, NVRAM, burst buffers).


University of Bordeaux

2015 Ph.D. - Process placement on heterogeneous architecture
2010 Master's Degree in Software Engineering
2008 Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
2007 DUT (two-year technical university degree) in Computer Sciences


Research Interests

  • Data movement optimizations for parallel I/O
  • Data containers
  • New tiers of storage (NVRAM, Burst buffers, MCDRAM. ...)
  • Static and dynamic process placement (data locality)
  • Affinity-aware load balancing


  • [Poster] François Tessier, Preeti Malakar, Venkatram Vishwanath, Emmanuel Jeannot, Florin Isaila - Topology-aware data aggregation for parallel I/O on Blue Gene/Q - GCASR Workshop 2016, Chicago, IL (2016/04/27) - Poster
  • François Tessier - Placement d'applications parallèles en fonction de l'affinité et de la topologie - Ph.D. Thesis, French (2015/01/26) - [WWW] - Paper - Talk - [BibTeX]
  • Emmanuel Jeannot, Esteban Meneses, Guillaume Mercier, François Tessier and Gengbin Zheng - Communication and Topology-aware Load Balancing in Charm++ with TreeMatch - IEEE Cluster 2013, Indianapolis, IN (2013/09/24) - [WWW] - Paper - Talk - [BibTeX]
  • Emmanuel Jeannot, Guillaume Mercier and François Tessier - Process Placement in Multicore Clusters: Algorithmic Issues and Practical Techniques - IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), May 2013 - [WWW] - Inria Research Report N°8269 - [BibTeX]
  • Emmanuel Jeannot, Guillaume Mercier and François Tessier - TreeMatch : Un algorithme de placement de processus sur architectures multicœurs - ComPAS' 2013 - RenPar, Grenoble (2013/01/17) - [WWW] - Paper - Talk - [BibTeX]


  • 9th Scheduling for Large Scale Systems Workshop, ENS Lyon (2014/07/01) - Talk
  • 11th JLPC Workshop (1st JLESC Workshop), Sophia-Antipolis (2014/06/09) - Talk
  • Les Mardis du dev' - Internal training day (2013/10/15) - Talk
  • 9th JLPC Workshop, Lyon (2013/06/14) - Talk
  • 7th JLPC Workshop, Rennes (2012/06/15) - Talk
  • 10th Charm++ Workshop, Urbana-Champaign, IL (2012/05/07) - Talk


  • Joint Laboratory for Extreme Scale Computing [WWW]
  • Joint Laboratory for Petascale Computing [WWW]
    • NCSA - Urbana-Champaign, IL : Listener of the 8th JLPC Workshop
    • Parallel Programming Laboratory - Urbana-Champaign, IL : Two weeks at the beginning of May 2012 (Charm++ Workshop, affinity-aware load balancing)
    • Parallel Programming Laboratory - Urbana-Champaign, IL : One week at the end of August 2013 (Distributed and parallel affinity-aware load balancing)


Scientific Mediation

  • SC14 at New Orleans, LA (Nov. 2014) : Demonstration of the 3d-printed and free humanoid robot Poppy for the Inria booth.
  • Presentation of a part of my thesis during the poster session of the EDMI day (2014/11/05) - Poster


  • TreeMatch : Algorithm and tool to find a good process placement according to the communication pattern of an application and the target architecture.

Teaching (French)

2013-2014 : IUT Informatique Bordeaux

2012-2013 : ENSEIRB


  • Vice-president of the associative DIY ISP Aquilenet
  • Board's member of the associative DIY ISPs federation FFDN